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Nine Inch Nails are once again down a man.  Multi-instrumentalist and King Crimson frontman Adrian Belew posted a message on Facebook Thursday explaining that his addition to Trent Reznor's band "just was not working." 

Belew said "no one is at fault" for his depature, adding that he and Reznor agreed to go their separate ways.  Belew says he's sorry to disappoint any fans looking forward to seeing him at the band's upcoming concerts, but he knows Nine Inch Nails will still put on an "amazing show."  He also says he still greatly respects Reznor and the music he makes. 

Belew's exit comes less than a month after bassist Eric Avery decided not to tour with the band.  However, the opening left by Avery was quickly filled by longtime Nine Inch Nails associate Robin Finck. 

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