The kids at Kimball Elementary school were all decked out in Seahawks jerseys last Friday, every one of them, and they have special education teacher, Kevin Zelko to thank.  Zelko has a second job selling beer at Seahawks and Mariners games to supplement his income and made some good money in tips when the Seahawks hosted the Saints in the playoffs.  That’s gotta help with the bills, right?  Not if you’re Zelko.  He took the money he made and decided he would help out some of his students. 

  Kimball Elementary is just off MLK Way in Seattle and more than half of the kids qualify for free or reduced lunches; they also have spirit day every Friday, where kids are encouraged to wear their favorite team’s colors and clothing.  Zelko started out wanting to buy jerseys for 10-15 kids in his classroom who couldn’t afford jerseys, but what he ended up with was so much more.  Zelko started a page and reached out to the public to see if he could raise enough money to buy every kid in the school their own Seahawks jersey, he ended up raising $25,000.  Zelko said "Studies will show: when kids are happy, they're learning, and right now every single kid in here is smiling, real big Seahawks smiles right now."  Every student at Kimball was handed their very own Seahawks jersey at last Friday’s pep rally and the rest of the money raised will go to “academic endeavors” at the school. 

 Mr. Zelko, thank you for showing that the spirit of giving and the power of the 12th Man is alive and strong here in Seattle.  I salute you and Go Hawks!


(Info taken from, ESPN and Mr. Zelko's twitter.)